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With the popularization of the Internet, it has become easier for businesses to advertise and be closer to customers. But you still have to be clearly visible to hope to obtain convincing results. Indeed, search engines, in particular Google, have developed techniques to highlight the most efficient sites. Hence the interest of using the services of SEO agencies to better reference your professional website. Indeed, this professional will be able to put his skills and know-how in this area to the benefit of him. Moreover, SEO agencies offer various services to website owners. Here are more details about 7 of them!

Website Audit

Among the services that an internet communication agency can provide, you have the website audit. This is also the starting point for all the analyzes it can carry out. The measures to be taken and the strategies to be deployed for the rest of the project will depend on this audit.

To this end, the specialized agency can carry out various analyzes such as technical analysis, semantic analysis, editorial audit, netlinking audit or even internal linking analysis. To do this, it analyzes in detail the optimization of content, internal links, URLs or even the domain. It is only after that he can make certain changes in order to improve the SEO of your site. This optimization can sometimes be obtained quickly by making a few small improvements.

Keyword research

Still in the context of improving the referencing of a site, SEO agencies can also work on your keywords. Note also that search phrases are the basis of a successful SEO campaign. Thanks to his expertise and mastery of the tools to find the most relevant keywords for your company, your company will benefit from a good ranking with search engines. How does she do it? The agency uses high-traffic queries to help you design blog posts and other content.

The best natural referencing agency will also make sure to analyze your positioning compared to the competition. Indeed, SEO is a competition, and as such, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for other websites that are ranking for the same keywords as you. This is even the basis of SEO services offered by specialized agencies.

Content creation

Content creation is also part of the services offered by SEO agencies. The content thus created is unique. Moreover, the agency’s team of editors makes sure to use the selected keywords intelligently in order to generate traffic on the client’s website. This ultimately leads to increased company visibility as well as sales.

Of course, the content thus written is always optimized in such a way as to appeal to both visitors and search engine robots. Generally, the agency team optimizes the titles, the various headings, the images as well as the insertion of keywords. She also works to create relevant texts that are faithful to the company’s brand image.

Internal and external optimization

An SEO agency also offers internal and external optimization services for a page or a website. If you opt for internal SEO optimization , it will work, among other things, on internal links (internal linking), the various tags, CSS or HTML code. Of course, the agency can support the design of an adaptive website. In any case, the internal work is mainly aimed at allowing the site to obtain good results in the ranking of search engines.

When it comes to external optimization, it focuses on everything outside of the site. This is the case, for example, when creating external links. These help link your site to other relevant sites in your field. This work aims to improve the positioning of your website. To achieve this, the agency can use backlinks or even publish quality articles on third-party sites.

Redesign of a website

This is one of the favorite missions of a web agency . This operation is necessary for your site to be rejuvenated or for you to modernize it. For this, the agency is completely reviewing its structure and its graphic charter.

The visual overhaul – this operation consists of modifying the web design, certain content and the tree structure. Sometimes, the web agency can also add features according to your needs.

Structural and visual overhaul – in this case, the mission of the agency is not only to revamp your site, but also to make changes at the tree level. In general, this type of redesign requires the change of CMS.

Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO agencies also implement a successful social media marketing strategy . In fact, its main objective here is to promote recognition of your business by potential customers. To achieve this, its teams can take charge of managing your company’s profiles on social networks. The digital agency can also ensure the creation of quality content on your networks in order to increase your visibility. Of course, designing successful advertising campaigns is also a routine for this type of professional.

Maintaining a website

As an SEO agency is above all an SEO specialist, its services also include website maintenance. This consists of creating new content or even repairing certain broken links.

Of course, as a specialist in the field, the agency’s experts are responsible for adapting the site to new changes in Google’s algorithm. This therefore implies a permanent monitoring work in order not to miss anything with regard to the modifications made by the search engines. In short, working on the referencing of a site is a constant task to which the SEO agency devotes itself on a daily basis.

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