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Android app development has many advantages besides the speed, scalability, and performance factors it offers. Android, being free and an open platform, provides the complete software stack for software development, including all key mobile apps, middleware, and operating system. Android development is very popular, securing over 80% global market share . One of the main reasons companies choose to opt for Android apps is that they are relatively cheaper, have a greater reach among users, and require significantly lower investments.

If you are looking to build an Android app from scratch, then hire Indian developers. The country is a good source of talented and qualified developers who provide quality work at good rates. However, there are pros and cons to this:

1) Knowledge of new tools

Most developers worth their salt are familiar with all the latest tools and trends in mobile app development. They not only know how to use the templates to create world-class applications, but they can also create their own templates and build applications according to their customers’ demands.

2) Knowledge of different approaches to building applications

A number of professional approaches can be used to create applications. Hiring an Indian developer would be a good idea as you can easily find someone who is familiar with these approaches. These would most definitely give you an edge over the competition. It is important to get expert professionals for the work because if you want to debug the application in the future, it would be easy to work with the codes written by professionals, compared to those written by an average developer.

3) Always eager to showcase their work

You can trust a development agency that is ready to showcase their work on the platform you prefer to see it on. They are also ready to show that they have met customer requirements. This way, you will be able to judge their work, and if they will be able to deliver, and as they advertised.

4) Flexibility to work with other operating systems

Hiring skilled Android developers in India would solve a problem for you forever – you enjoy platform flexibility, developers are skilled enough to work on different operating systems. This can be a useful quality when you want the developer to extend your app to the iOS platform in the future.

5) You can develop stimulating applications

If you’re looking to create a rich, engaging app with an attractive and functionally smooth user interface, that’s not something everyone can do. Highly skilled people can only perform complex processes. You can easily get such developers from the country.

6) Knowledge of the Open Source platform

You may know that Android is open source, and with this feature, developers get the resiliency to build apps that meet specific customer needs. You have control of the project, from start to finish.

7) A plethora of established organizations

It is important to hire your Android developer from an established organization. They are trained to understand business needs, so they can provide input into application design and suggest improvisations that would bring positive results. You can also trust them to come up with innovative approaches that might even set the trend.

If you are a developer yourself, are already busy with a project, and are currently looking for developers due to lack of time to devote to a new project

Startups that are looking for a strong presence in the market and wish to make a good entry

If you are going to start your own agency to outsource developers, to increase your credibility.

Here the disadvantages:

1) Quality issues

Quality issues could be a serious concern. There might be discrepancies in what some agencies advertise and what they actually offer. Therefore, it is very important to maintain standards of communication so that there is no confusion later.

2) No direct control

You have no direct control over the outcome. The agency would have their own set of rules for managing a project, and they may not share them with you.

3) Lack of understanding of business requirements

Not all companies offer developers who understand the business side of the application. They may have their own ideas that might run counter to what the client company is looking for. Again, it becomes imperative for the client company to clearly communicate their needs, so that the developer understands their business requirements.

4) Loss of confidentiality

If you plan to create a unique product, you must ensure that the design and application details are not shared publicly. You will need to sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement with the company.

To counter the disadvantages we have just stated, you can try the following techniques. They are required to work:

When hiring an agency, make sure the company has a strong focus and expertise in this area, primarily mobile app development. Look at the number of apps they have developed over the years.

Closing Thoughts

Hiring Android Developers in India would open the doors to a vast pool of expert talent who with their varied experience and skills have achieved milestones for their clients. You can stay connected with them through communication tools and ensure milestones are met by following the right kind of Agile methodologies.

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