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These days, we take websites for granted. If a product or service does not have one, we remove it. Yet, we rarely think about the amount of work that goes into building a website. Web designers, developers, hosting providers and more are all involved in the process. In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to become a web designer , the visionary who allows code monkeys to do their job.

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What is Web Design?

Is honestly… magic country. Web design is a magical land, where you start with a blank document and create a mockup of an awesome website.

Yes, it takes a lot of work and takes hours of hard decisions, but you get something worth it. Many other people then use your mockup as a guide to achieving your vision.


However, being a web designer comes with a lot of responsibility. This profession is definitely artistic, but a great ability to create beautiful websites is not enough. You also need to know the technical side of web development thoroughly.

What if you create something that looks amazing but is even harder for the front-end developer to do? You could have chosen a slightly simpler design, which would have taken less time for your developers?

Web design isn’t just about creating beautiful websites that don’t make front-end developers cry. You should also know a lot about optimizing user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

why do you need it? Let’s say you know what UX/UI is. You create the website design, everyone approves it. After months and months of hard work, this site is live, users are starting to get there. But there is a problem.

Understand the need

Your users have used similar websites before. They were designed according to common UX/UI principles. Your website is completely different, even original. Suddenly the user realizes that they are going to have to figure out how to use each feature from scratch.

Naturally, he leaves. Do you want to stay? Most people wouldn’t. This is the reason why you need UX/UI knowledge as a web designer.

So what is web design? It is a craft that combines artistic expression and technical skill to create a beautiful product.

Web designers need to know the limits of what front-end developers can do and how difficult it is, as well as UX/UI principles to ensure that the way you use the website does not isn’t too weird (weird or quirky).

Who can become a web designer?

How to become a web designer without a talent for visual thinking? Work. Hard. very very hard

It’s your only option if you’re not naturally inclined to effortlessly create beautiful things. Even if you have a knack for the visual arts, that doesn’t mean you’ll be a great web designer.

Along with the ability to create beautiful website mockups, web designers also need to be analytical enough to understand how the user is going to view the website.

They must be able to combine both aesthetics and functionality, which requires a special type of person. Fortunately, you are not in a bad place. The fact that you’re looking at a tutorial on how to become a web designer means you’re at least interested in what it takes.

You can’t become great at something without becoming almost obsessed with interest in something. This brings us to another quality of great web designers: work ethic.

As in all other fields, a superior work ethic trumps everything else. You don’t have to be a design genius to become a great web designer. You just have to work harder than the good guys.

The more talented you are, the less likely you are to work hard to improve yourself, simply because you are used to everything coming easily to you.

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