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With so many businesses thriving on online platforms these days, mobile app development has taken a huge leap forward. For this reason, there is a lot of demand for mobile app developers. whether you are looking for Hire an Android Developer or Hire an iOS Developer. TalentPrize can help you find highly qualified developers.

Hiring a mobile app developer is a good option unless a mobile app development company is employed for this task. So the obvious question is, how much does it cost to hire an app developer?

influencing factor

Hiring app developers to do the work is one of the many factors affecting app development costs. Generally, the cost of developing a mobile application is calculated as follows:

mobile platform

Nowadays, there are far more Android apps than iOS, and hiring Android app developers can cost a bit more than iOS developers. For iOS app developers, the hourly rate in the US averages $55-$85, while for Android developers, it’s $70-$100.

Interestingly, on average, Google Play releases around 100,000 new apps every month, while Apple’s App Store only sees over 30,000.

One factor determining the costs is whether the application is for a native platform, i.e. Android or iOS. Developing business applications that run on multiple platforms makes hybrid or cross-platform applications attractive.

project complexity

The average time of mobile app development process is 3-9 months depending on project complexity, features, integration, design, idea and functionality. There are different types of mobile applications:

Application developer location

This is a very important factor that affects the cost of hiring. There are 12 major locations in the world where software development takes place. Hiring app developers in the US ($30-$70/hr) can cost significantly more than hiring an app developer in Southeast Asia ($10-$40/hr) h).

With the varied demands of the IT market, programmers quickly adapt to in-demand niches.

However, when a developer specializes in a rare technology (like any framework or programming language), the cost of hiring that developer increases.

type of application development

Application complexity can vary from basic types (with templates, drop-down menus, and other essential features) to database, chat, business, and social media applications. Moreover, developing a cross-platform application takes more time than a native application, which increases the cost of developing the application.

Different hiring options for app developers

There are different options to consider when looking for an application developer, whether it’s recruitment agencies, staff growth companies, or software development companies to hire a freelancer.

Hiring freelance app developers is one of the most economical options. Hiring rates range from $15/hour for coders in China or India to $120/hour for coders in the United States. There are plenty of mid-range options to suit any app development budget.

This option saves time and resources as recruitment agencies do all the hard work, which includes screening a small group of candidates to choose an app developer. However, in addition to the promoter’s hourly rates, additional costs include payment for the services of the recruitment agency.

Like recruitment agencies, this may not be the most economical option. However, choosing an outsourcing company provides a reliable partner who will provide high quality resources not only for application development but also to deal with any technical issues.

The cost of hiring app developers through an outsourcing company depends on the pricing policies, which include the final hourly cost and markup. The company has a highly skilled developer who can be fired after the project without any problem.

software development company

Instead of going with a mobile app developer (freelance or through agencies), another option is to consider mobile app development companies. They can provide a full app development team of software developers who are highly experienced in mobile app development.

To get the most out of their investment, companies need to go beyond the cost of hiring an app developer and consider effective hiring. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Determine the cost of mobile app development through careful analysis of market trends. It helps to determine the initial budget of the project.

Learn about the optimal technology stack for estimating mobile app developer costs. Also decide which platform the app will run on.

Offshoring is a great option to reduce the cost of hiring an app developer and not sacrificing product quality. Additionally, qualified and experienced developers are available with offshoring.

If the project is short term, staff augmentation services are a viable option. Have no obligation for sick leave, paid vacation or to provide necessary equipment; Although the hourly rates can be a bit high, the benefits are obvious.

When hiring an app development agency, total app development costs can reach an average of USD 80,000; Hiring an in-house team can be more expensive.

If you choose freelancers, the two options available are hiring by the hour or on a contract basis. With websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, etc., there is a huge talent pool to consider. Depending on the geographic location of the promoter, the average start-up prices can be:

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