mobile app?

A mobile application is software specially designed to run on a mobile terminal, by which we mean the new easily transportable touch interfaces such as smartphones, smart watches or even computer tablets.

Mobile applications are different from traditional websites. They generally have a very specific purpose with limited functionalities but a simpler interface whose handling is immediate. In everyday language, they are given many different names such as: app, online application, iphone application or smartphone application

How do you access the mobile applications?

Depending on the brand of tablet or smartphone used, mobile applications are available via stores that reference the various existing applications like a search engine. We can thus find them by name, by category, by price, by novelty or even in the tops (most downloaded at the moment).

If you have an Apple brand product, you can download the applications of your choice from the App Store, while if you are on a Google / Android type product , Note that much less stocked, Microsoft also offers its mobile application download platform: the Microsoft Store (especially for Windows 10 Mobile users).

The same mobile applications are not necessarily available on all stores. An application may have been created only for Apple-type environments, for example, in which case it can only be downloaded with an Apple product from the Apple store.

What computer language should be used to create a mobile application?

The computer language to use for the creation of your mobile application depends on the platform on which you want to make it available . Each mobile operating system has its own programming language.

Can we use a mobile application on a computer?

Although it is not always a good idea, it is indeed possible to download and use certain mobile applications on a computer. To do this, you must install an emulator on your computer or perform a jailbreak. A new operating system is then installed or simulated, allowing the use of mobile applications which are not initially available.

Why develop a mobile application?

The mobile market is booming and continues to grow year after year. Even older generations who find it difficult to get to grips with computers and office automation have now largely mastered smartphones.

Why favor a mobile development agency rather than a freelance developer?

The Freelance developer, generally has a very good technical background but as good as he is to develop, the need for support to make a successful mobile application does not stop there. A good mobile development agency has and offers different core businesses

By going through an agency, you not only benefit from technical support but also from a complete package that allows you to deal with all the problems and to have thought about a solid basis for your mobile application to be sustainable.

These are mobile apps that need to solve a specific feature, usually to save time. We find in this category in particular the calculator, the alarm, the flashlight, the scanner or the alternative to the television remote control.

Mobile app development for productivity

These are mobile applications mainly used in the professional context in order to streamline and centralize exchanges. For example, we can cite Google Calendar to organize your schedule, Trello to follow the progress of your current tasks, Slack to communicate with your collaborators.

The development of mobile applications for entertainment

This is the vast majority of mobile applications that make up the market. They have only one goal: to entertain. You can read books, watch series, play reflex and strategy games, listen to music. Among the best known, we can mention netflix, spotify, pokemongo or even tinder.

These are mobile applications that will allow you to better organize yourself in everyday life, whether to sort your papers, to manage to orient yourself on the road or even to remember your notes. This time we find applications like Waze, TVTime, Drive,…

The development of a mobile application is not just about computer coding , for its launch to be a success and to be sustainable, it is vital to go through:

In this step, we seek to identify a need of its target and to carry out a study to see how we could respond to it through the creation of a mobile application. It is here that we will think as a team through brainstorming and that we will write specifications,

This is the one that mainly concerns the graphic aspect. The idea is to materialize the application project in the form of an illustration which initially takes the form of a mockup or wireframe and which will gradually evolve into a colorful model depending on the exchanges with the client.

This is the best-known stage, where the mobile application actually comes to life through computer coding. Depending on the operating system and the blinds targeted, a choice is made at the computer language level. This is the longest stage of the project,

This is the stage where we ensure the proper functioning of the application at all levels. We test it in every way first internally and then by calling on beta testers to ensure that the mobile application is running at full speed without bugs of all kinds. We also install all the analytical tools to track and analyze user behavior.

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