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Saving time, better customer experience, increased profitability… Installing digital tools in your restaurant has many advantages and can greatly facilitate the daily management of the activity. Are you planning to install software and systems to automate order taking in your restaurant? Zenchef advises you 5 powerful tools intended to facilitate the taking of orders in restaurants.

The digital menu via QR Code, to choose your dish independently

Widely popularized during the Covid-19 crisis, the QR Code has many advantages for restaurateurs . The principle is simple: the customer flashes, with his phone or tablet, the two-dimensional barcode (generally placed in the room, on the tables of the customers), which automatically generates the opening of a link. This URL can redirect the customer to a digital menu , in PDF format, photo, or even to the restaurant’s website. The customer can thus consult the menu in complete autonomy , without having to wait for the arrival of the waiter.

The QR Code can also redirect the person to an application that will allow them to place their order online , or even pay the bill directly from their smartphone.

At Zenchef, we offer you a QR Code for digital menu , to offer your customers a completely contactless experience. And with the ZenchefPay application , your customers can also pay their bill from their smartphone, in a 100% secure way. This also makes it easy to share the bill between several friends around the same table.

The module for managing reservations and pre-selection of orders

Among the software for restaurants intended to facilitate order taking, we can also mention the software for managing reservations. With the online reservation module offered by Zenchef , you can, for example, allow your customers to reserve a place in your restaurant online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but also to select their dishes in advance , directly online, in order to speed up and simplify order taking once on site.

For your part, you follow, in real time, the occupancy rate on the seating plan. Your teams no longer have to manage reservations by phone and order taking is optimized thanks to the pre-ordering of dishes, which will be very appreciable during peak times. It’s also a great way to collect key insights to improve customer experience and provide personalized service.

Digital tablets to digitize order taking in your restaurant

If you want to preserve a human relationship when taking orders while facilitating the work of your staff in the dining room, another very popular solution is to equip your servers with digital tablets .

This will allow them to select, in seconds, the dishes of the customers. The use of touch tablets , ergonomic and efficient, for order taking has a large number of advantages. This makes it possible, on the one hand, to simplify the processing of food orders and to limit errors related to taking paper orders

In addition, this allows staff to access all the information relating to the dish (availability of the product, allergens, origin of the product, ingredients, food and wine recommendations, etc.). He will thus be able to provide even more qualitative and personalized service to customers and answer their questions without having to go back and forth to the kitchen.

It is also possible, with certain order-taking software , to connect the digital tablet to a printer or a screen in the kitchen, which allows cooks to see orders in real time. The digital tablet can also be linked to the cash register software, which will greatly facilitate receipts and the management of the catering establishment’s finances.

Command terminals

Order terminals for restaurants follow the same principle as digital tablets, with the difference that they are used directly by customers, who enter their dishes independently. It is a very popular system in the world of fast food , but this model can very well be adapted to other types of restaurants. The customer can choose to pay his bill directly by credit card via the ordering software, or to pay in cash at the cash desk. The waiting time is thus greatly reduced.

A cash register

Cash register software ( Zelty , CLYOSystems , Addi+ion , etc.) is essential in any restaurant to guarantee efficient order taking and cash management. Order intake is automatically recorded in the cash register, reducing financial management errors.

Regardless of the software chosen, the installation of a digital order-taking system in your restaurant has a very large number of advantages.

On the one hand, this saves precious time, which your teams can devote to welcoming and advising customers.

These tools also make it possible to greatly optimize the turnover rate and therefore to considerably increase the number of covers and the turnover of the establishment.

It is therefore a powerful lever to boost the profitability of your restaurant . The management of the restaurant , finances, margins, customers and staff is greatly simplified. The customer experience is improved thanks to a reduced waiting time and a more fluid and qualitative service, which contributes to customer loyalty . On the team side, stress is greatly reduced and operational efficiency is boosted.

Finally, installing software and order-taking systems in your restaurant is an excellent way to strengthen your establishment’s reputation and stand out from your competitors as an innovative brand, aligned with customer needs and consumer habits. current consumption.

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